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Dual Brushless Motor Esc

This Dual brushless motor Esc will help your mini quad rc car run faster and smoother! This Esc is for the 1220 brushless motor and it comes with an 10 an input for smoothness and performance.

Dual Brushless Motor Esc Amazon

This is a Dual brushless motor Esc that we can use for our 540 550 motor, it comes with an 18 v rc advent calendar and an 2-4 s rating. It is first-class for a small plane or bus, it presents 2-4 s performance and is for use with the 550 motor. This dual-way 10 an Esc for mini car q is top-quality for running your v2 or v3 software, it imparts an 1220 brushless motor for top speed and high power efficiency. The wp-880 rtr rc Dual crawler brushed Esc 2-4 s is for use with a Dual motor 18 in seat, this Esc is cloned off of the wp-880 rtr rc Dual crawler brushed Esc 1-2 it imparts a larger range and renders 4 super instead of 2. The Esc needs brushless motor and offers aikido-level tuning.